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I’ve been diving in to the world of programming for about a year, as a hobby. Not having a job has its perks too, I’m trying to make out the most of the free time I have now by learning new things. So I started with C and C++, and learned quite a lot about embedded systems as well. It hasn’t been easy, but I feel like, I’m slowly making some progress. I’ve done some projects on a ARM Cortex M4 based board, and found the process of low-level tinkering very satisfying. Props go to my girlfriend for guidance and support, she has a lot of field experience and knows winIDEA inside out. I also wrote a few lines in Python a few months ago and fell in love with it.

So I’ve decided to to start blogging on this matter here in English. My posts will be about things that I find interesting in the process of learning and projects I’ll be working on in the future.

Stay tuned! :)

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